EdPol - The International high level conference for police leadership

EDPOL Congress / PolitieTop Divers

Alex was asked to develop suitable micro-branding for the 'The International High Level Conference for Police Leadership - EDPOL'. First, Alex applied thorough demographic and user profile research.
Then, using knowledge gained from this research, Alex designed and provided:

• Convenient conference correspondence material,
• A new conference logo,
• A poster and banner,
• An email newsletter,
• and a Powerpoint presentation template.

Alex also extended the website of ‘Politietop divers’ with new pages and content, and a complicated registration form to support the event

Client: EDPOL / PoliteTop Divers
Year: 2011

Read more about the International Conference at www.politietopdivers.nl

Products & Services:

  • Concept development
  • Consultancy
  • Usability
  • Registration form design & development
  • Micro Branding


  • xHtml
  • Css2
  • JS jQuery

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