Website Fimmo Real Estate

Fimmo Real Estate

Fimmo had a brand new idea and concept for a real estate market in Europe.
Alex took the idea and analysed how to put all the requirements together, and how to design and produce the new website.

Part of the new home page is now a short spoken video message, briefly explaining the possibilities of the market, the website and Fimmo’s services, sending a direct message to the visitor with a call for further action.

Alex’s main idea was to focus the website user on the readability and housing offer. Thus presenting such a user with only a little information but allowing him to search and dig for more, if needed / interested. This meant the website could display relevant information without being distracted by the graphical user interface.

Client: Fimmo Real Estate
Year: 2008

Products & Services:

  • Concept development & Consultancy
  • User profile / Color Theory physiology
  • Eye tracking test
  • User Interaction
  • Webdesign
  • Front-end development
  • Video production


  • xHtml
  • Css2
  • Adobe Flash

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