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With a personal approach that merges technical expertise with a keen eye for design, AlexxDesign creates functional, usable, and aesthetically pleasing web products that meet the needs of clients and their users.

Whether it's building a website from scratch or refining an existing one, Alexx's goal is to deliver high-quality solutions that are both visually appealing and highly functional. With a decade-long experience, AlexxDesign is your strong partner.


Smaller sized Webdesign projects & Start-up's

Small Website  Portfolio: Start-up & Smaller website design

Projects for Medium sized companies

 Portfolio: Medium size Companies Medium size Website

Organisation  Portfolio: Organisations

Projects for Organisations & (semi) Government

 Portfolio Enterprise Companies Enterprise

Projects for larger Enterprise & Publisher

AlexxDesign portfolio showcases versatility in Webdesign & Web Development gained through working with a diverse range of companies across various industries.